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In Calahonda, one can choose from numerous different restaurants, pubs and cafes -- something to meet any person’s particular tastes.  Calahonda is home to some of the most pleasant bars and most appealing and lovely restaurants in all of Costa del Sol.  A visitor to the does not have to travel anywhere beyond the boundaries of Calahonda if he or she is looking for a drink in nice surroundings or a great meal.

As is the case with nearly everything else in Calahonda, many of the popular bars and Calahonda restaurants are located in El Zocco.  El Zocco is a multi-level commercial shopping, dining and entertainment center located in the heart of Calahonda.

An overview of the bars and restaurants in Calahonda can provide a glimpse of all of that is offered in this massively popular area on the Costa del Sol.

Welcome Inn

Many visitors to Calahonda -- and many locals as well -- enjoy taking part in exciting pup and club crawls.  All night partying in Calahonda is a common practice.  The Welcome Inn is a favourite watering hole on any pub and club crawl. 

Most people alight at the Welcome Inn at the end of their pub hopping experience.  Open all day, the Welcome Inn is the perfect place for a person who wants to final drink or two after a night out and about on the town.


If you are preparing for a day of sightseeing or looking a place to grab a drink before dining and a night on the town, the Trafalgar is a perfect choice for you.  Many people enjoy stopping in at the Trafalgar for a drink or two before other activities or when taking a break from sightseeing and touring.

El Bolero

El Bolero is unique in the city because it features a mini-bowling alley.  The El Bolero is a lively joint.  If a person is looking for a unique place to spend an evening, the El Bolero is a great choice. 


Habana is a more elegant venue in Calahonda.  Habana attracts an older crowd.  The décor of Habana is stylish … the venue is well appointed.  This is a perfect cocktail bar for a person who wants to idle the time away in a relaxed and comfortable, lovely and classy setting.  Habana is a popular point in Calahonda.  Keep in mind that parking can be a problem due to limited spaces and due to the popularity of Habana.


This stylish joint is perfect for people who enjoy an attractive setting, wonderful cocktails and terrific music.  The Gauguin comes complete with interesting art including well done paintings.  Gauguin is a relaxing place and a great venue for conversation and an enjoyable evening.

 Frank's Corner

Frank’s Corner is wildly popular with visitors to Calahonda.  Frank’s Corner actually features two bars and a well-enjoyed outdoor terrace.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and patrons can enjoy beers from around the world, pinball, pool and darts.  It is a fashionable neighborhood-like waterhole.

Bar Red Lion

The Red Lion is smartly styles as an English looking pup that is very popular with British expatriates.  The Red Lion is well known for its great selection of enjoyable beverages and for featuring English football league games on the big screen television.

The Highlander Bar

A popular watering hole in Calahonda, The Highlander Bar features nightly cocktail specials and is run by a couple from Scotland which lends as sense of authenticity to the pub. 


From May to September, the beaches of Calahonda are dotted with lively chiringuitos.  These bars serve the best and tastiest cocktail concoctions to be found anywhere along the Costa del Sol.  Truly, one or another of the chiringuitos is the place to be during the main tourist season along the Costa del Sol.


If you enjoy hearty meals and love steak -- Rancho is a must.  The traditional Spanish styles bistro also features tremendous Bar-B-Q meals as well. 

China City

If Oriental food is a favorite, China City offers some of the best to be found anywhere alone the Costa del Sol.  A warmly and richly decorated dining room, China City is a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

English Fish and Chip Company

A local favorite, the English Fish and Chip company features hearty meals served with plenty of ale.  A nicely decorated a highly enjoyed spot in Calahonda, English Fish and Chip Company features tasty fare at reasonable prices.

The Palm Tree

The Palm Tree features some of the best Mediterranean food to be found along the Costa del Sol.  Additionally, this is one of the most popular restaurants in the city.  Service is said to be incomparable.


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